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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 24, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EST

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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by x finity the future of awesome. ♪ right now tanker truck inferno may be out but still causing big problems there. could be major backups during tomorrow's rush. skyfox live over this ram in that pennsauken, new jersey. still closed tonight nearly 12 hours after that huge fire. the fuel tanker crashed around 11:00 this morning erupting in flames forcing dozens to evacuate. now, it could take days to get that ramp back open. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland that. damage a mile from the betsy ross bridge. chris o'connell is live in pennsauken tonight. chris? >> reporter: lucy i physical was a mess. hazardous materials crews spent this night cleaning up from that massive tanker fire along the route 130 off-ramp here in pennsauken. like you said about a mile away
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from the betsy ross bridge. that crash happened about 100 yards behind me. the off ram system still closed tonight. as investigators try to figure out what caused that tanker to overturn. police are still directing traffic around the scorched roadway in pennsauken new jersey. >> heard a big bang. i looked over i just saw flames. >> it was like armageddon. big black smoke billowing overhead. >> reporter: that's just some of the reaction from eyewitnesses after the massive midday explosion. from skyfox you can see the truck that spilled nearly 8,000 gallons of flammable fuel on to the road. the truck then exploded. amazingly the driver walked away with only minor injuries. >> i thought like a bomb went off. that's what it felt like. i didn't see a truck or anything. all i saw was allowed bank and flames. i'm thinking what's going on now? >> reporter: flames shot in the air. choking billowing black smoke could be seen for more than 10 miles away. >> i thought oh, my god, what
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happened? all of a sudden i seen all this smoke and a ball of fire. >> reporter: at least 30 pennsauken homes were evacuated including carol's. >> i heard a boom and the whole house just shook. and iran to look to see what happened. i saw the big fire ball. all up in the air. >> reporter: as flames crept closer to her house this is what it looked like from her living room. as residents were allowed to return to their homes police will now determine if ice on the ramp had anything to do with the crash. accidents residents say that are becoming all too common. >> figured it was a truck crashing. always crashing back there. >> reporter: now there was a firefighter who was injured. he was taken to the hospital. it's not believed it was serious serious. we can tell you that once this clear cleanup is complete tonight engineers will be back on this off-ramp tomorrow to assess the structural integrity of that off-ramp. we can also tell that you off-ramp will be closed at least
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until tomorrow morning. lucy? >> that could hurt you in the morning rush. chris, thanks very much. bob kelly will be watching for any traffic problems to get you on your way quickly of course safely as well. fox 29 morning news starts at 4am. on your radar tonight what could be yet another round of record breaking cold moving in. scott how cold are we talking. >> we're talking numbers by tomorrow morning, iain, in the single digits for philadelphia. the colder suburbs north and west temperatures below zero. that arctic invasion continues as we speak with the cold air continuing to move in. it's already 15 degrees in atlantic city as well as wilmington. 11 in pottstown. 4 degrees right now in the allentown. and three below in the poconos. but you have to factor in that wind. it already feels like 18-degree zero in the pocono mountains. feels like 4 degrees right now in philadelphia and only three in atlantic city. so let's talk about those temperatures for tonight. the forecast low in philadelphia is five. the record is two. but look at wilmington. the record is six from 1923 and
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the forecast low in two and then take a look at the number expected for allentown. 2 degrees below zero. the record is four. so we'll likely smash that particular record. so cold conditions overnight tonight as well as a threat of black ice. we'll talk about a brief warmup in that seven day and if we'll see any snow chances later this week. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. our recent snow may be making your drinking water taste salty in delaware county. aqua waste water m says several customers are calling concerned. aqua tells us run off from salt on the roads is impacting the springs and reservoirs that feed fruit crumb creek plant in springfield. there's no health risk. to a story you'll see only on fox tonight. convicted criminals have been escaping left and right from local halfway houses. authorities have no idea where they are. it's happening on basis clearly neighbors are worried same with police. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live in juniata park. dave, you're outside of one of
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the facilities where inmates are actually just walking off? >> reporter: this is one of the facilities called the kintock facilities these repeat repeated escapes from police and the public on e tonight. in fact we spoke with one of philadelphia's top police officers tonight and he says it's time to get to the bottom of this and tighten security. they're called parole violation centers. halfway houses for inmates in the state and federal correction system. one is located at erie and whitaker. other at d and luzerne. both had repeated escapes in the past two months. raising concerns for police and the public. >> we're concerned about that. and the bottom line if you've been sentenced to a crime you should do that time. >> it's a big concern. >> reporter: what goes through your mind when you hear that? >> robberies, killings. >> reporter: department of corrections officials confirm 14 escapes from the kintock facility. none from nearby coleman hospital in january and february february.
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they say nine inmates remain at large. sources tell fox 29 there were 30 escapes from the two facilities since the beginning of the year. sources say as many as 20 of those inmates remain on the loose. >> reigns need to be tightened. that's the bottom line. >> hopefully they get caught. i don't want them coming around here. >> dan mckinley was shopping two a* few blocks away from kintock monday night. he lives in the neighborhood and is worried about the escapes. i'm worried for me because i got little ones. >> sources say the prisoners are using two means to escape these facilities. including just forcing their way out. security personnel here are not supposed to use force to stop them. sources say inmates are also escaping by requesting medical treatment and transportation to local hospitals by ambulance. on several occasions, sources say, the inmates have escaped from ambulances while en route to or at the hospital. >> if you walked away from facility and one of my officers
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happens you you know that you walk away. they don't know that. it creates a danger for them as well. >> we need to do something about it. >> report roar spokesperson for probation and parole referred all questions to the state department of corrections. the state police and philadelphia police often get tasked with tracking down these escapees. this is a developing story. we'll have much more on this as the week progresses. lucy. >> all right, thank you, dave. some type of domestic situation turned deadly at an office in south jersey and tonight one person remains in critical condition. this hammed just after 7:00 this morning at shields business solutions in moorestown. police say 42 year old edgar figueroa shot his worker 31-year-old melvin nievez four times before killing himself. we still don't know exactly why. we now know a princeton university student did have measles. we first told you about this last week. a possible case on campus. the cdc and the new jersey dement of health confirming the suspected case today. they say the student in question
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recovered and is no longer infectious. princeton's hell required any staff member who may have been exposed to stay off campus until they could prove they were vaccinated. burlington township high school confirmed case of whooping cough. the student is being treated and the cool has been cleaned cleaned but other students feeling sick should see a doctor right away but they also say they're not seeing more whooping cough cases than normal in the county. >> hundreds of parents in montgomery county are furious tonight over plans to close two elementary schools and they showed up tonight to telome cab ton school board what they think about all of this s bean in a cure rows live in eagleville. sabina tonight's hearing got pretty heated. >> reporter: that meeting continues here behind me. passionate parents with a single message, save our school. a crowd hundred strong facing
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the methacton school board the first public hearing since the board proposed closing arrow head and audubon elementary schools. the district says it may not have the millions in cash needed to maintain them. blaming plunging enrollment and budget problems. >> our children shouldn't have to suffer for their poor financial decisions. i think that there are other way ways to reallocate funds. come up with better ideas maybe. but i don't think the children should have to pay for poor decisions that could have been prevent report roar christian a roar row head class of '89 she sends her first grader there and says the board's plan would hurt the 700 plus grade schoolers who attend. her son knows he's -- >> i'm mad. >> reporter: why are you mad? >> 'cause it would shut down. >> reporter: online social media campaign with petitions and facebook pleas.
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and the board won't make its final decision for another three months. but the battle rages on. another public hearing is scheduled for wednesday. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, sabina. now this is what the ice house in west philly looks like tonight. only one story left. it's a big project completely taking down the fire damaged ice covered building. but this morning the crane operator started in. last week firefighters battled flames there and in the extreme cold and all of that water encased the building in ice. all kinds of folks gathered to take pictures and stuff. authorities have blocked off streets around it until the demolition project is done. in new jersey, students may have one less stan tar dived to take if bill now in the assembly becomes bill. the add bill addresses parents concerns for arc test it would bar the state from using it to place a student advanced or gifted programs. critics of the test argue the teachers spend too much time
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preparing for it why support the say the deserves a chance to you can seed now. >> someone takes off with one man's entire business. tens of thousands of dollars in equipment just gone. tonight he's getting it back. who is blowing the whistle on the alleged thief. >> a dose of discipline gone wrong. a girl forced to wear this shirt to school after getting bad grades. why the woman who wrote it was thrown in jail. >> a local single mom and her about to get kicked out of their home over tax trouble. what a local church has to do with it all. >> this is where the law is. this is a home. it's not much but it's ours. >> fox 29 investigates found when we went digging for answers answers. >> and just look at what less than half inch of snow does to texas. why this driver just can't seem to get control of that suv.
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♪ had hit once, hit twice and police are hoping this surveillance video will stop a third rob bro at metro pcs stores. a robber walk into the metro pcs store at the 2800 block of west girard avenue on february 5th demanded money and got it. the second time police say he hit the store at 23rd street and cecil b. moore on february february 9th didn't the same exact thing. tense day for police in lehigh county an officer was stabbed during a chase in allentown. the suspect too investigators say attacked his girlfriend with knife was killed. fox 29's bruce gordon explains what happened. >> reporter: by midday, police were reopening plymouth road. tire tracks in the snow the only hint of the violence that claim the life of 42-year-old jerome
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nichols. across town, we met the man who new nichols for most of his life. in fact had taken him in for a time. joe murphy just shook his head. >> bad choices numerable. relationship problems. >> reporter: police say it was 3am when nichols broke into the home of a former girlfriend on the 2100 block of main street in west cat sock what and stabbed her. neighbors heard the screams when she pushed an upstairs screen out the window and called for help. >> just heard screaming that's all. >> screaming. >> what went through your mind when you heard that. >> nothing really. just -- my mom heard more of it than i did. she heard her screaming help, help me. >> reporter: police and pennsylvania state troopers changeed nichols driving a black ford explorer to this industrial park. a foot chase ensued with nichols still carrying the knife. >> he engaged the officer and stabbed him mull pell times. at that point officers from both pennsylvania state police and pd
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discharged their service weapons and a item to stop the action. >> nichols lived on race street in -- his uncle told mow he had problems with relationships. >> he didn't want to let things go, you know -- >> reporter: when the break up happened he was not good with it it. >> not give with it at all. >> reporter: what went through your mind when you saw him want was going on with him and the choices he was makeing? >> what are you going to do? he's an adult. what do you tell him? knock it off. well, he didn't knock it off. >> reporter: both the officer and nichols former girlfriend are expected to recover fully from their stab wounds. the lehigh county district attorney says he has seen dam cash video of altercation with police and believes the shootings appear to be justified justified. though as a matter of standard policy both the officers who fired on nichols will be placed on administrative doubt while the case is full investigateed. in bethlehem brows gordon, fox 29 news. surrounded by police with nowhere to run two men decided
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to hide in a ventilation shaft. bad move there in bucks county. the second bad move. the first, police say was trying to burglarize mike's gunshot in levittown early this morning. cops arrived on the scene the men barricaded themselves inside that gun store. by the time police got inside they found the two men hiding in a ventilation shaft of a pizza shop in the same building as the store. judge ordered new jersey governor chris christie to put more money into pension funds for retired public workers. unions sued after christie said last year that he would not make full pension payments. which he agreed to back in 2011. governor christie scheduled to deliver his budget address tomorrow. the state is expected to appeal today's ruling. beautiful beaches disneyworld want what. it has big stores for the sunshine state. florida's governor rick scott in philly to celebrate and try to convince other local businesses to move on into florida. wawa ceo joined the gov tour to announce plans for 50 new
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florida stores over the next two years. right now you'll find about five dozen mostly right around orlando. how did governor scott fall in love with wawa? >> my experience with wawa goes back to where my daughter went to college. she went to college of william and mary and there was wawa two or three doors down, and she loved the store. and i don't think there was a visit to her campus that we didn't go there a lot. >> florida's governor will end his trip tomorrow hoping to drum up more business for his state which would mean bad things for our economy. in cumberland county people remain upset over the arrest avenue will he tired teacher. this guy is in big trouble over his 300 ---year-old collectible pistol that can't even fire. >> cumberland county sheriff is answering his many critic. here's bill anderson. >> reporter: the case of 72-year-old gordon vangilder caused a lost controversy. he's the man arrested for having
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18th century pistol in his car car. there are allegations there also may have been drug in the car a lot of back and forth. we wanted to get the story so i came here to cumberland county to speak to sheriff osti inform o. in stitt sitting down with the sheriff a couple of things are clear. first, he stands by the officer said that the officer did the right thing and second he seems a little surprised by the controversy because in his words mr. vangilder did in fact break the law and police were just enforcing it. >> there is a statute that covers that gun. my officer did the right thing by making the arrest on it and it's now up to the prosecutor's office if they decide to dismiss you, then fine. because we're not out to prosecute mr. van gutter. we're just going by what the law says. if people have trouble with the law they have to contact their legislators have the law changed. >> reporter: even as the sheriff supports the arresting officer i asked him why mr. vangilder was allowing to
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home that day in in fact he clearly sighted a law. the sheriff seemed pretty clear on all of this. he said the officer just wasn't sure about the particular law. he went back and checked and when he was sure, he made the appropriate arrest. >> i'm not quite sure exactly what transpired. i know the officer wasn't quite sure if that gun being an antique was covered under statute end looked into it further and realized it was. >> bill tells us new jersey lawmaker plans to introduce a there would exempt antique firearms from the state's gun law. she says this exemption would put new jersey in line with similar federal law. a peeping tom going to new heights. one what a woman saw staring into her patio woman that has an entire neighborhood freaked out. >> a group drug overdose on college campus. what officials say sent almost dozen students to the hospital. the tooth fairy breaking records. parents listen up. just how much most kids are getting these days per tooth.
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>> more than 25 cents? ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly g good evening everybody. a work crews along i-95 tonight into early tomorrow morning. they'll be working on 95 right near that cottman avenue interchange with the temperatures on the plumbing side here, watch for slip pro spots on the on and off-ramps. reduced speeds across all of the area bridges. and again the platforms and the parking lots could be slippery through the overnight and for that first person out the front door tomorrow morning. we'll have complete check of weather and traffic tomorrow morning beginning at 4:00 a.m.
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♪ 19-year-old man cued of killing a woman after an alleged road rage incident in las vegas made his first appearance in court today. eric charmed with the death of tammy myers. police say he shot the 44-year-old mother on february 12th after confrontation the two had in front of her home. preliminary hearing for nowsch set for march 10th. >> the drug molly may have sent students to the hospital. wes lee yann university leaders say it started yesterday morning when medics rushed a should have more to the hospital in critical condition. throughout the day ambulances made several trips to the campus to take other students to the hospital. 11 in all. the national institute on drug abuse says the drug can among
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other things lead to heart and fay kidney failure many check out this major mess on inter states in texas after snow started sticking to the roads. look at this. 25 cars and trucks piled up near amarillo in northwest texas. this closed the eastbound lanes of i4. only one driver was taken to the hospital though with minor injuries. north carolina mom is celebrating tonight. >> most definitely live changing something a lot of us around here were dreaming about to be honest. >> a big check. >> you see how they had had to spell it out. >> marie holmes a single mother of four children and one of three winners in one of the biggest jackpots in powerball history. her children between nine months and seven years old. man, she's still soaking in what happened. >> i'm still processing it. it hasn't hit me yet. i'll still processing. >> she's taking over the lump sum after winning the latest
3:25 am
$564 million jackpot. she plans to donate some of her winnings to her church and to charities and if you plan on contacting her and have no idea who she is, like so many are apparently holmes says hay call my lawyer. >> a ball of light comes crashing across the sky. dozen of witnesses report a loud boom watch nasa says caused it all. >> a local mother worried she's going to lose her home because she can't pay her taxes right now. who is telling her to get out. would you believe a group with ties to an area church? >> do you think a church is going to foreclose on her and kick her out. >> no. >> is that what you folks do? >> what happened when we confronted the pastor. fox 29 investigates is ahead. scott. >> more arctic air is moving in right now and more potential records could fall. how cold it will get and if we'll see a warm up this week next.
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>> the search for how this happened continues. a fuel tanker truck overturned and burst into flames this morning. it happened on route 130 the
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exit ram there were to route 90 in pennsauken. crews removed the scorched wreckage this evening but the ramp is staying closed tomorrow morning so investigators can continue their work and no word on when it will reopen. the driver of the tanker is not seriously injured. a thief drives away with a south jersey mon's livelihood. we first showed this surveillance video last night. it shows somebody stealing a trailer with $24,000 worth of landscaping equipment in moorestown new jersey. we put it online and more than a quarter avenue million people viewed it on facebook. the owner jim dougherty talked to us at his moorestown home last night. he was distraught and says without that equipment his business is doomed. and then a call came into our newsroom. from a man who saw the video and everything changed. lucy? >> that's right iain we told that caller thou get in touch with dougherty and now he's getting all of the equipment back. it's a good ending to this story. fox 29 crews went back to his open on east camden avenue tonight. trailer is back and so is most of the equipment. he is supposed to get the rest
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tomorrow. so what happened right after our story aired? >> i got a phone call 10 minutes after it was on the guy says i have your stuff. i said are you kid mowing? he said no, i have your stuff. my son got it but i don't want any problems. can i return everything? we get everything cleared up. >> i said all my stuff back that's all we want. >> that caller says his son indeed took the equipment. dougherty does not plan to press any charges. a middle school student forceed to wear this t-shirt to school forgetting bad grades. now the woman who wrote it is facing criminal charges. it's all over what she admitted on the shirt. fox's angelique davis explains. >> reporter: it was meant to get the attention of a middle school student's classmates. but this shirt caught the eye of the her nan dough county sheriff, too. >> i currently have all in all my places i'm not allowed to have a friend of the opposite sex new york city time soon. so back off before i get another
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good whooping like i got last night. >> investigators say the child was sent to west fernando middle school in the white statement with the skills scribbled in magic marker by her caregiver 31-year-old melanie alexander it was done as discipline for slacking off in school and as motivation to get good grades. >> so unless you are helping me with this goal back off. my eating french fries and being a social french fries is over because i know why my parents send me to school. >> school staff quickly brought the student in to the office and gave her a new shirt. that's when they say they saw the bruises on her neck, arms legs and back. >> it's obviously somebody who went way way over the line. there were obviously seeing red when they did this and it's disappointing because it's child. >> reporter: why does chef bad grades? it's not mother looking after what she's doing when she comes home. >> parents are outraged. some told us alexander landed
3:32 am
right where she belongs. she was arrested on child abuse charges. deputees say she admitted to making the shirt and beating the child with a belt with divots. >> that's not the way to do it. you know, tough love is no, you're not going with your friends. you're going to stay home don homework. you got f's this has got to change. she should should be ashamed of herself. she should be ashamed. this a grown mature person down this to child? >> the child is not in protective custody tonight. bond was set for alexander at $2,500. it is cold weather coming in. iain i were talking about this scott dropping like a rock outside. >> it really is. we're talking about record low territory by tomorrow morning. so you're really going to have to bundle up off to work and school. in fact low temperatures tonight are going to dip into the single digits for most and then tomorrow it's going to be sunny but high temperatures will probably be stuck in the 20s out there. that's just how cold it's going to get. as far as weather though, you
3:33 am
can see ultimate doppler it's dry. we're not looking at any rain, sleet or snow. that's good news. however, look toward the south in sections of mississippi alabama, dealing with the wintery mix places like green greenville mississippi two below and then headed toward the birmingham area. they'll see a little bit of that wintery mix then by tomorrow morning their system will stay to our south. so worry not going to have to deal with the snow but look at places by 7am. atlanta, charlotte dealing with that snowfall. that system stays to our south. high pressure will be in control but it's going to be a cold high pressure in fact we're locking at sunshine really for much of the week however those temperatures aren't going to budge a whole lot. 17 but it feels like four right now in philadelphia. take look at the temperatures already pretty much in the teens area wide. but north and west single digits. even below zero now toward the pocono mountains but you factor in that wind, it feels even colder. so the low tonight in philadelphia 5 degrees. the record is two but take look
3:34 am
at wilmington. the record is six. the forecast is two and allentown the record is four and the forecast is two below. so those temperatures will really start to drop. wind chill advisories for the pocono mountains and as we take a look at future feels like temperatures by tomorrow morning at 7am it's going to feel like eight below in philadelphia. 25 below in the pocono mountains mountains. once again cold tonight. tomorrow highs only in the mid 20s. feels like temperatures tomorrow morning below zero. and it's going to be cold much of the week but not as harsh. 35 on wednesday but then back into the 20s for thursday and friday. saturday low 30s. and then a little milder as we kick off the month of march with some rain showers. and temperatures in the 40s for sunday and monday even upper 40s 40s. >> okay. >> spring is right around the corner. >> exactly. >> march 20th. not as harsh. >> 6:45. (laughter). >> never thought i'd be begging
3:35 am
for 35-degree weather. talk about snow. just look at what less than a half inch does to texas. why this driver can't get control of that suv. >> looks fun actual actually. she's accused of stealing hundreds of thousands from her elderly cousin. police say she was buying a few buck at a time. >> the tooth fairy breaking records just how much most kids are getting these days per tooth. >> the latest in juice cleansing activateed liquid charcoal. could you drink it? plus watch this video new jersey may run for governor. he's playing the cow bell. >> can't make it up next chasing chasing. >> more cow bell
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>> this driver taking a advantage of rare snow in texas. this is a mall parking lot. you can see the black suv doing doughnuts until mall security said cut it out. by the way we call this entertainment when i was living in fair banks. loved doing this stuff. how much snow did plato get? .2-inches. >> icy though. good thing there were no other cars around.
3:39 am
new video of possible meteor in north florida. parking lot videos shows what locks lick firework shooting across the sky saturday night. dozens of people reported seeing bright lights and loud booms that night. nasa says the siting was probably a meteoroid a space rock entering atmosphere. >> in your money it's target making a run at amazon? we have a it's doing it's good news for if you're into online shopping and don't like delivery fees. spend 25 bucks at and you'll get your stuff at your doorstep with free shipping. they cut how much you have to buy online to get the deal. it was 50 bucks. fy. target says handling fees may still apply to some orders. mia angelou will be honored with or hen forever stamp. us postal service announcing the news today. angelou passed away last may at the age of 86. the move al service will unveil the stamp at at a later date. the economy may be actually up proving these days.
3:40 am
>> at least that's what the tooth fairy is saying. delta dental released released its tooth fairy poll. the average the child got was $4 arthritic cents. what did you get. >> maybe quarter. >> me, too. >> average she or he is giving $5.74 for first tooth. 5.74. delta certainly says it's tooth tarry poll is a good indicator of our economic health. the average tooth fairy gift and s&p 500 posted double digit gains for the third year running running. >> a mom and her kids about to be kick out of their home over tax troubles. what a local church has to do with it. >> a drone peeping tom where one woman caught the
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department forward new jersey woman accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her cousin to buy lottery tickets. prosecutors say 79-year-old doris little took $214,000 from her 93-year-old cousin. authorities say that money was supposed to be used to pay her cousin's nursing home bill. >> sad. garden state perfectly legal to buy a homeowner's unpaid tax
3:44 am
bill charge a high interest rate then take the home if the bill is not paid. >> what would you think if school run by a house of worship were doing it? here's jeff cole and fox 29 investigates. >> the boys will be home soon. >> donna maxwell a single mom in burlington county is raising the youngest four of her eight children in this springfield mobile home. she lost her job as a cashier and faces medical problems in her family. maxwell is proud she's been able to stay in her hometown of almost 50 years until now. >> this is a trailer on peace of property acre an quarter on -- the kids made fun much it so much all eight kids because we live in trailer that it's so funny all their friends want to come here because this is where the love is. this is a home. it's not much but it's ours. >> reporter: that's the problem. this run down trailer and the surrounding land doesn't belong to mack well. not any longer. in fact, she has just two months
3:45 am
before she must get out. she's facing a spring eviction. so who is telling her to leave? who owns the property? you may not believe it. the live center academy. a roilyies? school foreclosed on the property. it's been placed under the control of another entity with an address at the fountain of live center, a church located on what it calls a spiritual oasis in burlington. how did this come about? well, when taxes aren't paid new jersey law allows communities to sell what are called tax leans at auction. anybody can bid pay off the taxes and then demand repayment from the property owner plus interest. fail to pay and they can move to take the home. that is what's happened to donna maxwell and her family. >> so your understanding this church has paid these taxes? >> yup. >> because it wants this
3:46 am
property? >> yes. >> it's going to throw you the hell out of here. >> yes. i asked if we could rent and the lady i called last week she won't return my phone call. >> reporter: it works this way. the group that buys the back taxes can file take the home or foreclose after two years. if the banks state stay out of it falls no their lap for the little they paid. there were 54,000 foreclosure filings in new jersey last year, the most since 2010. more than 2,000 were filed on people who didn't pay their tax taxes. maxwell' leans were bought for only a couple thousand dollars 14 years ago. but the school is allowed to charge 18% interest under the law. she's now told she owes a stunning 55 grand. >> came here at 22 and i'm leaving at 50. with the life of everything. roar report mack well said she fell behind when her dad who helped her pay the tax bills got ill. the land is actually in an
3:47 am
ex-husband's name but he's out of the picture. she said she thought an earlier bankruptcy would protect her family. >> you think you're drowning? >> yeah. i feel like i am. think about it. where you going to go when they come and throw you out you're stuff is left behind. i don't have money for storage. so we'll take what we can take and that's it. >> reporter: we wanted to know why a church is wrapped up in this. meet executive pastor david bowed within g we've heard from folks who are really concerned and upset about it. i think you could probably help here. donna maxwell,. >> i don't know her. >> surprised that a church is in the tax lean business? so was our financial expert. >> i've been doing this a long time working with non-profits and i've been managing money for long time. i've never once heard of a non hiv profit let alone religious non-profit buying tax leans. >> dan rocatto serve as the mayor and councilman in new
3:48 am
jersey. buying tax leans is clearly an appropriate and legal tool he says but rocatto does wonder why any church would go down this path. >> i suspect most congregants might be very uncomfortable witness concept of buying tax sales ultimately for closing on homes creating more homeless instead of less homeless. >> reporter: it's gotten messy messy. a few years back a business controlled by the fountain of live center degree the attention of anti-trust investigators at the justice department. that business was charged with conspiracy leaded guilty, paid a fine and got probation. now, a civil lawsuit that names the church may cost a quarter million dollars. remember pastor bowed win. we pressed him about maxwell losing her home. >> donna maxwell is being foreclosed on. she told shows got to leave. >> did she pay her tack. >> no, she hasn't. >> she should pay her tax that's
3:49 am
the law. >> do you think a church should foreclose on her and kick her out g if she doesn't maybe her tacks somebody will buy it. >> should it ab church. >> that's a state law. >> shout ab church that does that and tells her to go. >> i don't know donna mack well. >> executive pastor dave bowed win also said he was no longer involved in any of that and claimed the church had stopped buying tax leans. we questioned the church state farm organization the district council of the assemblies of god its superintendent reverend carl colette tee called tack leans leading to foreclosures repulse seive. tomorrow at 10:00 another local woman faces faces a the loss of her home and the feds come calling. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> quaint to see that report. absolutely. >> well a woman is terrified to is he what she's calling a flying peeping tom. >> it was actually a drone hovering right at outside her window. the woman doesn't want to be identified so she was sitting in the living room of her north carolina home about 2:00 in the morning when she noticed something buzzing and hovering
3:50 am
outside her window. she says it actually shined a light right on her. she thinks it looks kind of like that. when she went out on the her porch to get a better look she saw it flying off. if it happens again she says she'll be ready. >> tell him i don't think it's very funny and the neck one i will shoot down because i really will. >> target practice much the woman filed a report with her local sheriff's office but authorities have not yet tracked down the person flying the drone drone. tom sled chen check with a look what's cupping in sports. >> flyers have momentum tonight but injury concern as they get ready to play the carolina hurricanes tomorrow night and the longest tenured phillie of all take about playing first base and the chance that is he'll be traded.
3:51 am
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3:53 am
>> new cass he will county police department has just issued an amber alert. they are searching for 39-year-old michael trot tow and his three-year-old daughter eleanor trot tow. the child's mother telling police trot tow came to her house and school side apartments and as assault heard and left with the little girl. he's believed to be driving 1989 gray mazza 626. if you have any information please call police. tom? >> iain all veterans due into camp for the phillies that included the longer tenured phillie of them all. howard eskin with more from clearwater. >> hi, guys. >> with jimmy rollins gone,
3:54 am
would you believe chase utley has been longer than any other phillie? how about 13 years. this is a different camp here in clearwater for the phillies. whether the phillies want to call it rebuilding or not. >> i like to look at it filtering in some younger guys and giving them an opportunity to play and see what they can do. >> reporter: jim mow rollins go. marlon byrd gone and other veterans could be gone soon as well. will utley wave his no trade clause to leave philadelphia. >> i have so much respect for the organization i wouldn't completely push ruben away and say absolutely not. i'm not going to hear you. i would listen to him out of respect for him and for the entire organization. and kind of go from there. >> good morning. >> ya'll seen ghost. >> ryan howard was here today in the batting cage. fielding grounders. signing autographs. but not talking. if he's the next phillie gone would utley considering moving to first base? >> ruben called me early in the off season and wanted to pick me brain about it.
3:55 am
i said, listen obviously i would -- name going say no, i still think i can play second base at a high level. if there's times during the season where rhino wants to give somebody a blow and put me at first base, i would be top it, but i don't see a position change um, at this point no. >> reporter: what do we expect tomorrow? tuesday from ryan howard. didn't speak today. i just don't think he wants to share his feelings on what it was lick this off season to hear that the phillies want to do trade him and told him he shouldn't be back here. hopefully we find out on tuesday. with the phillies in clearwater, florida, i'm howard eskin fox 29 news. >> all right. howard thank you. stay tuned. it will be interesting. the flyers down in carl thirty nine tomorrow night without goalie ray emery he has lower body injury. rob seven will start in goal. 76ers in miami trying to break three game losing streak.
3:56 am
maybe the shot of the night isaia cannon doesn't plan gets the two pointer. sixers down just one at the break. but they forget to play defense the second half. miami led as many as 21. selled for a 119-108 win over the 76ers. one final note tonight a woke ago nate allen was charged in those sex offense down in fort myers florida. police fully cleared him tonight those charges. he is clean of all accounts. >> good for him. >> absolutely. nate allen cleared of all charge. >> good news. thank you tom. tmz is coming up next at 11:00. >> and we're back here for 844am morning news begun day philadelphia. >> sue serio and bob kelly got your weather and traffic covered all day lon
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developing right now an amber alert issued out of delaware, police trying to find a young girl abduct by her father, developing details coming up. a fiery crash a highway ramp still closed this morning in south jersey after a tanker truck overturns and burst into flames. how this could have a big impact on your commute. plus sue you are tracking more cold weather. >> that is right, we're on record low temperature watch again and whether we reach the record or whether we don't, we will see single digit temperatures all over the place this morning. the details are coming up. chris? >> sue, thank you i think. if you live in certain delaware county communities you might be noticing a strange


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